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Mixed Base Rock - $12.99/CY
New 50/50 Landscape Blend (recommended for new sod installations) - 5 or less CY - $18.99/CY 5CY+ - $15.99/CY
Planters Mix - Now with OMRI Certified Composted Chicken Manure - $39.99/CY
CA Gold 3/8" - $29.99/CY

We are operating at normal business hours and able to deliver materials during the State of California Shelter-In-Place Order. Please call our office for details 916-303-9900.  We are following all State & CDC requirements.

Drain Rock 1/2"

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1/2” Crushed Rock is produced from 100 percent clean recycled aggregates. Wire and metals have been removed resulting in a superior product suited for use as French drains and leaching fields. The drain rock is also useful for pipe bedding in underground projects. It can be used in the winter on temporary construction pads and roads to help control mud and soil.