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SB 1383 Compliant Products

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SB - Organic Waste Procurement
Jurisdictions have the flexibility to procure products from Florin Perkins, including compost and mulch.
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Working together for a sustainable California

California SB 1383 is designed to reduce statewide methane emissions to combat climate change.  Starting in January 2022, Jurisdictions are responsible for implementing SB 1383 regulations in their communities and must coordinate with city planners, waste haulers, waste processing facilities, recyclers, commercial businesses, residents, and edible food recovery organizations.

CalRecycle assigns an annual procurement target to each jurisdiction based on its population. Jurisdictions fulfill their target by procuring any combination of recovered organic waste products including renewable natural gas, bioenergy, compost and mulch.

Understanding SB 1383 Procurement Targets

  • Reduce statewide disposal of organic waste by 75% by 2025 through local collection and processing programs, including enforcement/auditing of these programs.
  • Recover at least 20% of the currently disposed edible food for human consumption by 2025.
  • Procure products made from recycled organics.

For more information on SB 1383, including education and training, visit CalRecycle's SB1383 website. 

Contact us for more information

Beto Ochoa | 408.313.0444 | beto.ochoa@greenwaste.com - Z-Best Composting Facility Marketing Manager
Jerame Renteria | 408.712.6169 | jerame.rentera@greenwaste.com - Zanker Recycling Marketing Manager

Eligible SB1383 Zanker products for procurement

Florin Perkins Landscape Materials can help your municipality with procurement of various composts and mulches to meet your target. 

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SB1383 Compliant Products